Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Where did the network go?

I had a funky problem with one of my new MSI K8N Neo2 motherboard's onboard network adapters. All of a sudden it stopped working. I searched google, found the MSI forums and found that the adapter may have been failing because the OS had turning it off (into a power saving mode), and was unable to turn it back on, even after a cold boot. I needed to shutdown the computer, remove the power cord for 3+ seconds and then restart. This fixed the problem.

In the meantime I had been messing with the nVidia nForce3 system drivers in an attempt to get the network adapter working. Once the network was fixed, I went ahead and updated to the latest nVidia nForce 3 drivers - 5.10. I also found a thread that mentioned that the latest audio drivers from nVidia would work for the integrated sound. I had been using the RealTek drivers, but I did not like the mixer that came with it, so I tried installing the nVidia driver and it works fine. Note: I had to force the install of these drivers, by

I had been surprised to see that the nVidia network driver was installed on only one of the adapters. I had expected both adapters to use the nVidia driver, not so. One uses a RealTek driver installed with XP and the other uses the nVidia driver. So until you install the nVidia nForce3 network drivers you only have one network adapter. I looked in the motherboard manual and sure enough, they are two different network adapters. One by Marvell and the other by RealTek

Tuesday, February 8, 2005

Handling super long URL's

In a previous blog I used tinyurl.com to hide a super long URL that pointed to a Google groups discussion. I had received this link in an email, here is what it looked like in my email:








Originaly I copied the link into a text editor, removed the line breaks and pasted it back into Firefox to view. Being Mr. Anal I figured there had to be a better way.

I figured that you could change the text when it was on the clipboard so I searched for a clipboard handler and found a freeware one by Way Out There Software called Clippy (no relation to MS Office I presume). This tray based applet will allow you to alter the contents of the clipboard. I installed the 1.3.0 beta version, however it did not handle my problem out of the box. The program uses 'clippers' to define what it will do to the clipboard text. Clippers are a named set of predefined operations that you can perform. To solve the long URL with line breaks problem, I created a new clipper called Crunch URL and added the following operations:

  • Remove line breaks
  • Search and replace (Search , Replace )
Where means to press the space bar once when presented with the Search entry screen and means to just press the OK button on the Replace entry screen.

Once you have clippy installed and configured you should be able to copy the long URL above and then right click the clippy tray icon, select Crunch URL and then paste it into your browser's address line and see the google groups entry.

MS Access vs. .Net development discussion

An interesting discussion regarding development using .Net or MS Access


Mac OS X and a .local domain

If you have a Microsoft SBS 2003/2000 setup, you may have setup your domain to use .local for your TLD. If this is the case then you will have problems including Mac OS X machines into your netwrok. Cam sent me link to an article that resolves this problem. Thanks Cam.


Speed up Firefox for broadband connections

How to speed up Firefox, thanks Cam.

macosxhints - Speed up Firefox for broadband connections

Saturday, February 5, 2005

Howto change key bindings in Firefox

Firefox extension to change the default key bindings


More resources for running windows as a non-admin

A community web site where Windows users can learn how to run without Administrator privileges, and why they should do this.


See my previous blog on the subject.


Aaron's tools: PrivBar and MakeMeAdmin are indispensable.