Sunday, June 19, 2005

SMB Signing

I have recently moved from SBS 2000 to SBS 2003 and had read about and heard of issues with file sharing and non-ms clients. I use MS, Linux and Mac clients to connect to my server. I found a site that is choc full of great articles about SBS and Mac. They have an article related to turning SMB signing off, it is called:

How To Disable SMB Signing in SBS 2003

However for my clients I do not need to turn off signing. I use Thursby's Dave product to connect via Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther) and it supports SMB signing. I will be waiting to upgrade to Tiger until Dave is supported. On Linux, I use mount.cifs instead of mount.smbfs to mount drives and it works just fine. I actual use auto.cifs to automount my windows shares and had to edit the auto.cifs perl script to use cifs and fixup changes in the parameters being passed to the mount command and it now works fine. I did try to get mount -t smbfs (this uses mount.smbfs) and was unable to access the mounted directory, even with signing turned off. It looked like a permission error on Linux box (Fedora Core 3 w/SELinux) since the mount appeared to work, but the permissions on the mounted directory where hookey... Since mount -t cifs works, I just moved forward with that and re-enabled SMB signing on the SBS server for the time being.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Windows forms web based training

I was looking around and found some interesting web based training on
the Microsoft site. You can find it here:

One interesting feature is the Virtual Lab... It is usable for me with
an aprox 768Kb Broadband connection and it's nice having everything
setup for the labs so all you have to worry about is doing the lab.

Connecting Entourage 2004 to SBS 2003 Exchange server

I attempted to get Microsoft Entourage 2004 connected to my newley installed SBS 2003 Exchange server and failed miserably. After some searching and failed attempts I was able to locate a blog that helped get me connected without any errors and am now synchronizing. Configure the certificate and then setup Exchange (If you had the connector running before delete ~/Library/Preferences/Office

  1. Importing Security Certificates into the Mac OS X Certificate Store
  2. How To Configure Entourage 2004 for SBS 2003

Also if you import the wrong certificate into your X509Anchors file, you do NOT need to have the original file and you CAN delete certificates. At least you can if you have OS X 10.3 or better. Run the Keychain Access program, Select File/Add Keychain... Browse to the /System/Library/Keychains/X509Anchors file and Select OK. You can now higlight a certificate and delete it. You will need to remove the X509Anchors reference before you are able to import another X509 certificate. To do this higlight the X509Anchor keychain and use File/Delete Keychain "X509Anchors" you will get a dialog window with the option to delete the reference only, use that option and you will remove the reference and now be able to import X509 certs again.

Friday, June 17, 2005

MSN Search's Deskbar and Firefox not always opening

I have been using MSN's Desktop Search and Firefox as my deafult browser. However I have been irritated that sometimes my search was not being opened in Firefox. I did some spelunking and found that it was related to searching for more than one item at a time. For example searching for 'foo' would work but 'foo bar' would not. So I changed the Other search service text from$w to"$w" Note that i placed double quotes around the $w parameter that contains the search text. It now works great.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Because we can : Apple on Intel?

An interesting take on the Apple move to Intel from a microsoftie

Because we can : Apple on Intel?

SQL 2005 and SqlDependency

Currently taking a two day class on SQL 2005 and had a lab that delt with SqlDependency A lab in the class on this did not appear to work correctly, so I tried to get some more info on it and do my own testing. Well, I was unable to get it to work on an existing DB I had, however by following the advice and sample on Sushil's WebLog I was able to create a test database with a test table and have the callback work. Here are my bookmarks related to SqlDependency