Saturday, November 5, 2005

Microsoft's Channel 9 web site has some great content

There are plenty of videos, podcasts and screencasts to keep one entertained for months and months, the web sites lists 623 videos... Ouch, where to begin. You get to the main media page here:

You can use the tags on the left side to filter the videos down by topic. For example there is a VB.NET tag that will get you to the videos related to VB. I would recommend videos with Amanda Silver and or Paul Vick:

I just finished watching this video on VB and some good tips and tricks. Jay Schmelzer - Working on the VB Core Team:

BTW have you heard about Monad a .Net based command line shell that allows you to pipe objects from one command to the next? So instead of parsing a ton of text to get the data you need, just reference the objects property. Jeffery Snover is way into it and he can be annoying but also infectious in his enthusiasm, very cool stuff:

For some more meaty stuff, look no further than:

Interviews with Gates, Blamer, etc:

And for a little fun how about a tour of the computer museum with Gordon Bell, Parts 1 and 2
Part 1:
Part 2:

Now comes the shameless plug for rss, if you want to keep tabs on what new videos have been uploaded just subscribe to the page that shows the videos you are interested in. For example to subscribe to an rss feed to be notified when new videos are added you use the link button that is orange with the title of XML (Hmmm why not RSS) on it to get an address to the rss feed, put this in your aggregator (for a free web based rss aggregator try: or and presto chango, you now have list of the VB.Net videos and it will be updated when new ones are added. BTW NewsGator has a client that works under Media Center and is a great way to watch the videos on TV.

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