Sunday, February 26, 2006

VMware Workstation - Snapshots, Templates and linked Clones oh my.

I use VMWare Worksation 5.5 to host my development environemnts and to play around with various OSs. One of the features of ver 5 is the ability to have multiple snapshots, templates and linked clones. I use these capabilities to create a base OS (say Windows XP Pro) and then snapshots at each service pack release. Mark the VM as a template (makes it read-only and not deletable) I then create linked clones from this templated workstation as my actual working VM's... this takes a little more work but gives me the ability to test at various releases of the OS and the linked clones do not take up that much disk space. For an example on how to set this up read the white paper found titled:
Using Clones to Streamline Development

There are other white papers listed here:
VMware Workstation Technical Papers

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