Thursday, May 18, 2006

Is Apple’s MacBook cheaper than a comparable Dell?

I was looking around at laptops and it appears, for the time being that Apple's new MacBook is cheaper than an equally configured Dell latitude.

I compared the mid level Apple MacBook with base features, it has a price of $1299.00

I then configured a Dell Latitude D620 with a base price of $899.00 to have the same base configuration by changing the following items:
  • Processor upgrade to T2500 - 2.0GHz
  • Hard drive upgrade to 60G 5400
  • Optical drive upgrade to 8X DVD+R/-RW
  • Added Bluetooth
and the price went to $1396.00

I wish the apple was more configurable, for instance I do not have a need for bluetooth, but would love to have the nVidia video instead of the integrated intel video... But who would have thunk it, Apple cheaper than Dell... And running on intel... Ohhh my head is spinning.

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