Saturday, May 31, 2008

Leopard’s Parental Controls

Parental controls in Leopard, what a pain. My son has a Vista desktop pc and shares a Leopard MacBook and I have setup parental controls on both systems to limit the amount of time he spends on each and where his surfing takes him. For the most part the Vista box 'just works' but the MacBook does not. As an example I am unable to use the Leopard web filter since we are using Google for your domain to provide email for our family and with Leopard's web filter enabled, he is unable to access the site. We access the GFYD services using and address that contains the google service and our domain name, for example our custom start page is: My guess is that leopard is trying to be smart and thinks this is a proxy/redirection and does not allow him to connect. The problem is there does not appear to be a way to white list this, it always fails. The only solution I found was to turn of web filtering. Today he registered for an account with (Viva Piniata) and was unable to login using firefox. If he uses Safari, he can login... If I disable parental controls, he can login using firefox, argh. I give up... no more parental controls under Leopard. Has anyone else had better luck with Leopard's parental controls? I need to do more research on this, might make an appointment with a 'genius' just to see if they have any ideas.

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