Thursday, September 25, 2008

The business of source code

Here are a couple of interesting blog posts related to business and source code. (BTW, these are great blogs to subscribe to...)

37 Signals, have you heard of them? They create web based productivity tools and are heavy in to Rails (Ruby's web framework) I blogged regarding a Rails book by one of the members of 37 signals that I found very compelling. here. They can be opinionated, but I find that makes their blog interesting to read. This post is about something I have been an advocate of, but have been unable to articulate well: How to re purpose one's product and sell it multiple times.
The other blog is from Mr. Scott Hanselman (a blue badge for just over a year now) I find his writing style and posts enjoyable and often thought provoking. He brings a fresh attitude and experience with him to MS and is the one who recommended the above post on his twitter feed. Anyway he has an interesting series of posts that he does called 'The Weekly Source Code' were he picks some projects and reviews the code available. This week he focuses on F#, you can find it here:
Oh and BTW he is NOT the lead singer of Cake, even IF he looks like it ;)

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